Flexible, fast and versatile

Kraftanlagen Service GmbH

As a partner for operators of nuclear plants and customers from the nuclear industry, we stand out with our wide range of services and our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers. Every day, we are proving our expertise in the fields of radiation protection, decontamination, decommissioning and installation.

Thanks to our flexibility, speed and versatility, we are able to react to changing requirements and therefore provide effective support to our customers. In order to be able to react more effectively to this operational dynamic, we are placing a major emphasis on the initial and continued training of our employees.

For example, we provide support for nuclear power plants across their entire life cycle – from their construction to the return to “green field” status, and contribute to a safe operation and decommissioning.

Our radiation protection services:

  • Practical radiation protection
  • Conducting measurements for preparing the governmental approval
  • Engineering and execution of proposed changes
  • Consulting and support in approval processes
  • Radiological calculations
  • Shielding and container calculations using Microshield
  • Radiation protection instructions
  • Training to become radiation protection workers VGB
  • Preparation for theoretical and practical examinations (radiation protection specialist IHK)
  • Personal dosimetry for operators and third-party companies
  • Radiation protection-related preparation of work
  • Gamma spectrometric measurements and analyses

Our decontamination services:

  • Practical decontamination
  • Operation of decontamination systems
  • Waste treatment in controlled areas
  • Checking respirators
  •  Training of employees involved in the decontamination

Our decommissioning services:

  • Disassembly and dismantling of machines and power plant-related systems
  • Engineering and execution of decommissioning and installation projects
  • Handling and support of loading and packaging campaigns
  • Inspection and maintenance services
  • Assembly of dismantling installations and special machines in the nuclear sector
  • Transportation tasks and provision of crane operators

Kraftanlagen Service GmbH


Hermann-Ritter-Straße 112
28197 Bremen

Phone: +49 421 2215 9335