Radiation protection

Strahlenschutz Heidelberg

Radiation protection

Strahlenschutz Heidelberg
Strahlenschutz Heidelberg

The operators of nuclear facilities are relying on the expertise of our radiation protection specialists.

We possess the §25 approval of the Radiation Protection Law and specialise in qualified radiation protection personnel. In the area of radiation protection engineering, we conduct dose rate and shielding calculations.

Taking into account the acceptance criteria of the permanent disposal site, we create the documents for the waste declaration.

Safety without compromises

Whether it concerns the creation of radiation protection concepts or measurements, the administration of the dosimetry, determining and accounting radioactive emissions or the transportation of fuel elements, our radiation protection specialists have earned a stellar reputation among our customers.

We offer our employees in-service training to become a radiation protection specialists and further qualifications in radiation protection technology. These training courses are accompanied by qualified employees from our company and carried out with specialized partners.

Our radiation protection services

  • Practical radiation protection
  • Engineering and execution of proposed changes
  • Consulting and support in approval processes
  • Radiological calculations
  • Preparation of studies and radiation protection concepts
  • Development of intervention processes
  • Processing of regulations
  • Radiation protection instructions
  • Radiation protection training

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