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Waste Management

Abfallmanagement Heidelberg
Abfallmanagement Heidelberg

With the provisional disposal law (EntsorgÜG) that entered into force in June 2017, responsibility for the temporary storage of radioactive waste was transferred to the federal Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH (BGZ). The responsibility for the correct packaging and declaration of the waste remains with the operators.

Radioactive waste must fulfil the specifications of the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) regarding transportation and permanent disposal and is therefore subject to appropriate conditioning. The prerequisite for the storage of medium and low-level radioactive waste in the KONRAD repository is proof of the fulfilment of all legal requirements in substantial disposal site documentation.

We stand for professional competence in conditioning and documentation.

For many years we have been one of the leading companies in the planning, delivery, installation and operation of residue and waste treatment plants for the treatment and conditioning of

  • solid
  • liquid and
  • gaseous

radioactive residues and waste.

This also includes systems for sorting and compacting, evaporation and infas drying systems, cementing systems, decontamination and incineration systems. Another focus is the planning and delivery of systems for the transport, handling and filling of radioactive residues.

For our customers we develop, build and deliver systems for the treatment and conditioning of radioactive residues and waste. Our aim is to adapt proven industrial plants for operation in nuclear plants and to integrate them into overall systems.

The operation and maintenance of our customers’ waste treatment facilities is also one of the services we offer.

As part of the transfer of the storage facility with low and medium level radioactive waste from the operator to the Company for Interim Storage (Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung [BGZ]), a new challenge arose for the operator with the necessary declaration and documentation of the existing and accumulating radioactive waste.

We are familiar with all details of the approval procedure for the storage of medium and low-level radioactive waste in the KONRAD repository. Kraftanlagen Heidelberg will assist you with the requisite know-how and shall support you with its broad spectrum of integrated services under one roof.

For the operators of nuclear power plants and research facilities, we create reliable interim and final storage documentation such as:

  • Support during the BGE registration procedure and/or   campaign application for the conditioning of radioactive waste
  • Creation of qualification measures and procedure plans
  • Entry of conditioning data in AVK
  • Radiological and material description of the waste for the KONRAD repository
  • Activity determination and examination of the intermediate storage and permanent storage suitability
  • Activity calculations with AVK-Mopro
  • Determination of nuclide vectors and creation and registration of material vectors
  • Creation of waste data sheets
  • Compilation of KONRAD admissible waste containers
  • Creation of complete container documentation
  • Planning the treatment of legacy waste  (post-qualification, secondary packaging, post-conditioning, post-declaration)
  • Additional complete waste documentation for research institutes according to their requirements

Thanks to ongoing projects in the area of waste declaration as well as the continued professional development of our employees through specialist conferences and seminars, the waste management team at Kraftanlagen Heidelberg is always one step ahead.

Christmann Steffen

Steffen Christmann

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