Engineering services


Engineering services


Our many years of experience in the planning and design of systems and components in nuclear facilities in combination with our expertise in questions of technical strength problems and flow analysis make us a holistic service provider, also with regard to issues relating to the shutdown, permanent decommissioning or dismantling of a facility.

The high safety requirements in nuclear plant engineering require special care when analyzing systems, plant components and supporting structures. In addition to the stresses from normal operation, abnormal operating conditions, malfunctions and damage cases, as well as intermediate dismantling work for systems that are being dismantled, must be examined. In particular, this also includes transient and dynamic processes.

Concept creation, detailed and implementation planning, structural analysis

With our engineers and clerks, we support the projects in questions of dismantling, waste treatment, assembly, service and pipeline construction, as well as in glazing technology and are significantly involved in the development of innovative ideas and future technologies. We create overall concepts, installation plans including building layouts, plans for hot cells and remote handling technology. For process engineering tasks, we design systems and components, create P&ID flow diagrams, component and consumer lists, as well as technical descriptions and instructions up to the finished pipeline and component planning.

We also work on issues that go beyond solid mechanics, such as Considerations of temperature field problems, pressure losses and transient processes in pipeline systems as well as three-dimensional flow processes using CFD.

We use the most modern calculation methods and create documentation that is suitable for testing. All calculations are based on national and international standards and verification methods and meet the requirements for quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and KTA 1401, AVS D 100/50.

Our engineering services

  • Technical specifications
  • Studies and decision-making bases
  • Process engineering design of systems including EMSR
  • 3-D planning and construction
  • Dimensioning of parts and components
  • Static and dynamic structural analyzes including pressure surge and pressure loss calculations
  • Thermal calculations
  • Solid state simulation and CFD analyzes
  • Fatigue and remaining life analysis
  • Cause and effect relationships and damage analyzes

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